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Rottweilers are our passion here at Superior Rottweilers. 
We would like to share the loyalty and compassion that we have found in our rottweilers.  We have owned rottweilers since we were young adults and have taken years to find the best lines to bring into our breeding program.   We want only the best of the best. 

It is important to us  that they have excellent conformation as well as solid even temperaments. 
Our rottweilers are used as therapy dogs in nursing homes to visit and interact with the residents and their families.  Our dogs have been used as service dogs and loyal family pets.  Rottweilers are highly known for their intelligence and loyalty.  The drive that they possess to protect goes without saying.   There is no job too big or too small - they strive to please!

We have been fortunate enough to be able to relocate to our new ranch in Checotah, OK. 

***** Conformation - Quality - Temperament *****