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Anne Lynn Marie Bechand

Anne-Marie Lynn Bechand
Black & Mahogany

Zeus Von Der Edlen Rasse
WS118154/05 10-06
Black & Mahogany

Arrigo Von Der Kovar
WP672903/05 05-05
Black & Mahogany

Von Evman's Eivan Shultz
WP460810/02 03-96
Black & Mahogany

CH Eddi Vom Triebweg CD
WG305300 03-90 (West Germany)
Black & Brown

Esta Vom Mariannenthal
WG247404 09-89 (West Germany)
Black & Mahogany

Nella Vom Nordland
WP582930/01 03-96 (Germany)
Black & Mahogany

Pascha Vom Hegestrauch
WP537768/01 (Germany)
Black & Mahogany

Hondra Vom Leinetal
ADRK 65 124

Fee Von Der Kovar
WR016037/02 05-05
Black & Mahogany

CH Neck Vom Hause Anin
WP940614/01 01-01 (Germany)
Black & Mahogany
AKC DNA #V159138

Gary Von Hohenhameln
ADRK 073698

Bella Von Der Burg Dinklage
ADRK 83629

Jill Vom Schwaiger Wappen
WP977747/01 05-01 (Germany)
Black & Mahogany

Greif Vom Oberhausener Norden
ADRK 78412

Bessi Vom Talblick
ADRK 073744

Athena Rasse Von Bauernhof
WS126368/03 09-07
Black & Mahogany

Hakim Vom Gambrinus
WS040188/01 09-03 (Hungary)
Black & Mahogany
AKC DNA #V296947

Djerbo V'T Straotje
NHSB 1533324 (Netherlands)
Conversion Default

Iwan Vom Fusse Der Eifel
ADRK 62651

Rayam V'T Straotje
NHSB 1 240 439 (Netherlands)
Conversion Default

Kathy Vom Schwaiger Wappen
MET Rott.2490/92

CH Benno Von Der Schwarzen Heide
WP357730/01 07-96 (West Germany)
Black & Mahogany

Vicky Vom Schwaiger Wappen
ADRK 64839 (West Germany)
Conversion Default

WP880076/08 06-02
Black & Rust

Sir-Alexander Killerad
WP548934/05 05-98
Black & Mahogany

Dual Von Shultz
WP491515/04 07-94
Black & Tan

WP412014/07 07-94
Black & Mahogany

Makita Von Duzenheim
WP818567/01 01-99
Black & Mahogany

Sirjames JD Lee
WP477687/03 08-94
Black & Mahogany

Kitana Von Birken-Heim
WP604153/04 02-98
Black & Mahogany



Anna has been a special gift to Superior Rottweilers. 
She has a tree trunk structure with an nice head.  She has a gentle disposition and is extremely social and outgoing.  She came to us at 1-1/2 years old and molded right into our home just like she had been here since birth.   We could have asked for anything better.

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